Media Invest launches new Virtual Reality startup

The Media Invest Group team was at FIN 2018 in Porto to present a new startup in the area of Virtual Reality. VirtualFair is Media Invest’s new venture in an area that is experience a huge investment growth worldwide.

The startup is developing a platform that enables businesses to connect and interact on a virtual world, enabling them to reach international exposure at a lower cost and higher efficiency than on traditional fairs.

VirtualFair is scheduled to launch on next October on the Asia market. The VirtualFair team is excited to showcase the first commercial product on such an important and high-growth market. Building a new immersive virtual channel that enables businesses can thrive and explore new markets while cutting costs is one of the goals of VirtualFair.

If you want to now more about VirtualFair please follow Media Invest Group Facebook channel:

About Media Invest Group

Media Invest Group develops state-of-the-art technologies for digital media sectors such as Online Video, Virtual Reality, Digital Publishing, Advertising and Events. Our group is comprised of innovative digital companies that share knowledge, services and other resources to make our solutions global.


Virtual Fair enables your business to connect and explore new markets on a virtual and realistic environment. Your business can reach international investors, clients and partners at a lower cost and higher efficiency than on traditional fairs.


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