How to be sucessful in 2018 – My Short List [Opinion]

Let me share with you some of the things I’ve learned mainly across the past year. These are my advices to you in 2018 to become successful:

1. Surround yourself with a bunch of good, talented and trustable people. Companies are made by people (and for people too), and as such, your business performance will depend on how well they perform. Trust is a very important quality here.

2. Define what you want to achieve in life. If you really want to really impact people in a meaningful way, be prepared to abdicate from having a quiet life. Be aware that if you want to build the best company in a specific area you will have to work harder and face difficult challenges on a daily basis (this gets easier through time though). You will also have to learn how to control your fear, and learn how to be a leader, sometimes the hard way. I know it seems tough, but if you “choose” going down this path it can be extremely rewarding. Go and build the project you dream of.

3. Choose wisely the area or sector you want to work on. It must be something that you’ll firmly believe in, otherwise you’ll end up quitting over time. It must be capable of attracting people who share your ideas, optimism and believe in the mission or product. Also chose a “product” that “sells like shit” (like Gary Vaynerchuk would have say). Build something which is cool, which helps people solve a particular problem that they need to solve or that they feel they need it anyway. Last but not the least, build a solution for the world and not for the place you live in. Build for the Internet (of things), build with VR, AR, AI, which are the underlying and transversal technologies that every people will massively use in the future for… everything (entertainment, for working, learning, training, etc…). Check out what’s trending regularly.

4. Set a fast pace for your project. Set a 3 or 4 month timed goals and build and test something every month or two. One way to do this is to set a fixed goal every 3 months like an event you’re organizing or a strong commitment to an important entity such as a product presentation. Make people around you committed to making these goals happening. Hire a hell of a good project manager that will alert you, monitor and check your team progress weekly.

There’s more but I ran out of memory for now. Anyway, that’s my advice for you in 2018.

Had to learn all of this the hard way btw, so this will give you a head start.

Go for it!


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