Get ready to go virtual: World Virtual Fair 2018

World Virtual Fair (WVF) is the first Virtual Reality exhibition where businesses can connect and interact in a virtual and realistic world, enabling exhibitors to reach investors, clients and partners at a significant lower cost and resources than on traditional fairs.

Each exhibitor will have their own specific information, such as branding, presentations and videos, and participants can visit and connect with these exhibitors as well as engage in other fair activities such as viewing conferences, networking with other visitors and search for specific sector information about what’s happening in the fair.

The Exhibition will have 6 different virtual pavilions, each representing one of the participant cities.

With WVF businesses can promote their brand and services anywhere in world, save travel and logistics expenses as well as time for their business, reaching higher and international exposure.

WVF is a 3D Virtual Reality medium with high interest and engagement, especially if used in conjunction with marketing channels such as social media and video.

Tickets are free for visitors!

For more information about WVF 2018, please visit:


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