Blockchain and Virtual Real Estate

The Virtual Reality world has been rising as more and more users are coming online and headsets and platforms continue to gain acceptance. Virtual Real Estate is a new asset that has grown within this market.

In 2003, companies like Linden Labs (developers of Second Life) were already monetizing virtual land purchases and content for VR users. The platform continues to be a way for users to make income from virtual content. In that way, users are able to virtually own and monetize what they create through copyright ownership.

However, a new Blockchain based platform has made its way onto the market, using its technology to secure virtual land ownership. In that way, users can own the platform itself. The first ever land auction for the organization will go live in December.

By utilizing the protective characteristics of Blockchain technology, the platform is able to protect aspects like ownership and the rights of each parcel. Users will be able to monetize any type of content they choose.


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