Portuguese startups and technology companies in internationalization missions in China

On October 22 through October 26, several Portuguese Start-ups and technology companies will embark on an International Mission to China. During the four day programme, various Chinese cities (Macau, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Beijing) will be visited. The initiative will allow these young Portuguese innovators to showcase their products as well as provide a forum for learning about the Chinese marketplace and open networking opportunities for possible future business ventures or collaborations.

The Macau Mission – MIF 2017, a joint collaborative project between AJEPC (Associação de Jovens Empressarios Portugal China) and Media Invest Group will have an exhibition area/stand in Macau’s largest International Trade Fair – The Macau International and Investment Trade Fair. The four day event will showcase Media Invest Group and AJEPC’s Portuguese products and brands. The Portuguese delegation will also hold or be participating in business forums, conferences, networking and business meeting sessions organised by local promoters.

The Global China Mission 2017 will extend previous missions by visiting other major cities such as Shenzhen and Chongqing. The added cities will permit Portuguese innovators to meet local regional authorities and entities as well as Chinese entrepreneurs, while simultaneously acquiring knowledge about opportunities and openings in the Chinese IT market.

AJEPC’s president and main organiser of the event Alberto Carvalho Neto understands the importance of making direct contact with Chinese markets for “it is necessary to engage with the local markets and learn about the Chinese marketplace in order to gain a better understanding of how the Chinese view younger innovators and IT innovation. We need to engage with them directly, learn how they perceive the world, thus facilitating a better understanding of how to adapt, cooperate and propose solutions suited to their needs and demands. The possibilities for success are immense. In recent years, the Portuguese market has grown and expanded greatly. Portugal was once known for launching Caravels and great exporters. In this modern age, the sailors and navigators of old have been replaced by Start-ups and innovation! Portugal has huge potential. To grow and expand, we must face new modern challenges by recognising and confronting the realities of international and global business practices. It is important that we, the Portuguese, are able to manage and strategically apply local knowledge in new emerging world markets in order to attain greater success.”

Carvalho Neto also adds: “Portugal could provide China with IT solutions on many levels. We have to position ourselves as strategic partners and demonstrate our strengths and our abilities, be they technical solutions and innovations or in partnerships which could open new European, American and African markets. MIF is a unique experience as we will be making direct contact with Chinese and Portuguese speaking companies, using Macau as the staging and connection platform. To be able to travel to several cities will provide our young companies with different views and allow them opportunities to make contact with potential partners as well as the possibility to learn about each region. Most importantly, these young companies can learn about the needs and potential of this culturally different world.”

The 3rd Annual Young Entrepreneurs China Portuguese Speakers Forum (III Fórum Jovens Empresários China Países de Língua Portuguesa) will be held on October 18 in Macau. This forum will provide immense possibilities for networking.

On October 19 – 21, at the MIF PLPEX (Portuguese Language Exposition Forum) we will inaugurate the “Commercial Services for China and PLP Centre” (Centro de Serviços Comerciais para as SME da China e dos PLP) along with the “Sino-Lusophone PME Investment and Commerce Partnerships Events”, a forum designed to create contacts and working partnerships. (Evento Sino-Lusófono para  Estabelecimento da Parceria de Investimento e Comércio das SME).

Miguel Cordeiro, Media Invest Group Director and co-organiser of the mission, is heading the IT sector. “Even though Asian markets, especially the Chinese market, is very different from those we find in the West, this mission will allow entrepreneurs to learn of this diversity by providing a venue with which to become acquainted with Chinese business practices, while at the same time, connecting with other companies and organisations that support smaller businesses and Start-ups, thus allowing them to reach larger markets and expand.

Miguel Cordeiro also adds: “Business opportunities and innovation in China is a huge market, but it is important to implement international practices and policies that work with the Chinese way of doing business. For IT companies and Start-ups there is a great need to create platforms which permit and support growth in the Asian markets. The Media Invest Group along with AJEPC is committed to supporting Start-ups and IT companies, by opening up opportunities for wider globalisation in China, while promoting Portuguese innovation and ideas in these new emerging markets.”

The MIF mission is the first in series of International Networking initiatives planned by AJEPC and Media Invest Group. Both entities are committed to helping and supporting Portuguese Start-ups acquire access to new emerging and attractive Asian markets, thus opening up new possibilities for them to showcase their talent and abilities. Media Invest Group is focused on creating a large network of partners and investors looking to connect with Start-ups and IT companies. Media Invest is currently creating a global digital business network forum which uses Virtual Reality technologies.

To register for the next business mission, click here.


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