How to increase natural traffic in your site or blog

There are many ways to increasing traffic to your blog. The real problem is not knowing them all, but instead, knowing which ones are the most efficient.

You have two types of web traffic: the natural traffic that comes from people finding you on a search engine, and the paid traffic that normally comes from PPC (pay per click) and PPM (pay per mille) advertising services. In this article we will discuss the most efficient ways to increase your blogs natural traffic.

Here is the list of things to increase you blog’s traffic you should work on:

1. Make your blog search engine friendly
Current online blog services already have an optimized site architecture when dealing with search engines. They are set up with clear navigation, they obey strict html guidelines, follow good web site rules and have a clear structure that enables them to be well linked.

There are however many tricks that you can use to improve even more the search engine friendly factor such as using the right keywords for each page, carefully placement of keywords, creating related content to each article, and so on. Here is a simple list:

  • Careful chose the right “meta tags” for each web page so that it best describes the content of your pages.
  • Use the “Title” meta tag that best describe each page. Remember that the title will show up on the search engines result page.
  • Build a “SiteMap” for your site. «Sitemaps» are XML files used by search engines that describe your site page structure.
  • Export your content through RSS feeds. RSS feeds are XML files that use a basic tag structure to describe a list of items such as news, articles, and others.

2. Optimize the content of each page
Optimizing each web page can drastically improve the position the page on search engines. Make sure that the title of your web page contain the most relevant keywords to your business, e.g. the type of business and not just the name of your business.

3. Get people to link to your site
Getting links to your site and to each page is one of the most important factors that affect your page and site rank in search engines. The number of external links to your site, usually called «Backlinks» and the quality of them is the one external factor that will boost your site and individual page rank.


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