Lisbon connects with Tel Aviv and Amsterdam ecosystems

The Lisbon City Council has signed a protocol to bring Lisbon’s ecosystems closer to Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. The agreements foresee an exchange program of of entrepreneurs promoting a collaboration and exchange of experiences between the startups of the cities involved.

Creating links between Lisbon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and the main international hubs is the main goal of f understanding memorandum signed by the Vice President of the CML (Lisbon’s City Hall) and the Executive Director of Invest Lisboa with Amsterdam and Tel Aviv institutional representatives.

Lisbon’s City Hall intends to create an “institutional bridge” linking the cities involved, not only at the level of the City Councils, but also the Economy and Innovation agencies of each municipalities.

Entrepreneur Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho, Municipal Director of Economy and Innovation at CML adds that “What we want is for these institutional agreements to open the way (…). In the first phase 5 to 10 startups will be sent to each of these ecosystems and, conversely, we will receive startups and investors from those cities”.


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